WSET courses in Dublin, Ireland – the world’s best wine education curriculum

If you’re looking to start a career in hospitality, you already work in the drinks industry and want to improve your knowledge, or you’re simply an enthusiast hoping to dive deeper into the world of wine, a WSET course is what you need. 

What is WSET? 

The Wine & Spirit Education Trust, more often referred to as WSET, provides the world’s most highly regarded qualifications in wine, spirits and sake. Established in 1969 for the UK wine trade, WSET has developed and expanded over time to become the global leader in the industry. 

There are a range of different WSET courses available, depending on your needs and experience. Whether you’re just starting out in the wine industry, you’re an established professional looking to build on your knowledge and skills, or you’re just passionate about wine, we have a program for you. 

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How many WSET levels are there? 

WSET qualifications are divided by wine, spirits and sake (Japanese rice wine). There are three different Wine Awards (Level 1, 2 and 3) as well as a Level 4 Diploma in Wines. 

If you’re looking to do a wine course in Dublin, Ireland, the Drink In Academy offers three different WSET course options: WSET Award in Wines Level 1, WSET Award in Wines Level 2, and the Educational Wine Journey Bundle: WSET Level 2 in Dublin and Level 3 in Mallorca. 

WSET Award in Wines Level 1

Drink In’s 1-day L1 WSET course in Dublin, Ireland is a great choice for those who have an interest in wine and want to learn more about it, as well as those beginning a career in the wine industry. 

This qualification is a hands-on introduction to the world of wine. You will explore the main types and styles of wine through taste, sight and smell, while gaining the vocabulary and skills to describe them to others. You’ll also break down the principles of food pairings and how different foods affect the taste of wine, as well as learning how to properly serve and store wine. 

What is covered on the WSET Level 1 course: 

  • How to taste wine like a professional, using the WSET Level 1 Systematic Approach to Tasting Wine® (SAT)
  • The characteristics of the world’s most important grape varieties 
  • How different factors affect wine style and quality
  • An introduction to viticulture (grape-growing) and wine-making
  • The basic principles of food and wine pairing 
  • How to properly store and serve wine 
  • Health, safety and legal issues 

How is L1 WSET assessed? 

Assessment is by a closed-book exam comprising 30 multiple-choice questions. 

On successful completion of the course you will receive a WSET Level 1 Certificate and lapel pin.

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WSET Award in Wines Level 2

Drink In’s 2-day Level 2 WSET Course in Dublin, Ireland is a more advanced and comprehensive course for those wanting to improve their wine knowledge. It’s a beginner-to-intermediate level course that is perfect for wine and hospitality professionals who want to upskill, as well as wine enthusiasts and those new to the world of wine. 

If you have already completed the WSET Level 1 course, the Level 2 course will enhance your understanding of wine as well as your tasting skills. But don’t worry, you don’t need Level 1 to take part in Level 2!

In this course, you’ll gain a deeper knowledge of the principal grape varieties of the world, the regions in which they are grown, and the styles of wine they produce. You’ll learn how to taste wine like a professional and improve your ability to recognise and describe flavour, as well as gaining a better understanding of food and wine pairings. Our experienced instructors will also teach you how to read a wine label, and how to properly store and serve wine. 

What is covered on the WSET Level 2 course:

  • How to taste and describe wine like a professional, using the WSET Level 2 Systematic Approach to Tasting Wine® (SAT)
  • How to properly store and serve wine
  • The principles of food and wine pairing 
  • How to read a wine label 
  • How environmental and other factors influence the style and quality of wines made from eight principal grape varieties (Chardonnay, Pinot Grigio/Gris, Sauvignon Blanc, Riesling, Cabernet Sauvignon, Merlot, Pinot Noir, Syrah/Shiraz)
  • The most important wine regions and geographical indications around the world
  • How grape varieties and winemaking processes influence key styles of sparkling wines and fortified wines 

Note that this course is more intensive than Level 1, for good reason. It has a minimum of 28 hours of study time, including: 

  • 16 hours of guided learning (in the classroom or online)
  • 11 hours of personal study and revision 
  • A one-hour exam

This WSET course in Dublin runs at our Drink In Academy, on selected weekends from 9am to 6pm, as well as weekdays from 10am to 3pm. We recommend you do some study before you start the course, and we will send you your study pack at the time of your booking. 

How is WSET Level 2 assessed? 

WSET Level 2 is assessed via a one-hour closed-book exam comprising 50 multiple-choice questions.

On successful completion of the exam you will receive a WSET certificate and lapel pin, and will be able to use the associated WSET certified logo.

Educational Wine Journey: WSET Level 2 Dublin & WSET Level 3 Mallorca Bundle

Dive deep into the world of wine and explore one of Spain’s top wine regions with our WSET Level 2/Level 3 Bundle! This wine course starts with Level 2 at the Drink In Academy in Dublin, Ireland before progressing to our purpose-built Academy in sunny Mallorca, Spain where you’ll complete Level 3. 

The offer includes accommodation at our stylish seaside villa in Palma. When you’re not tasting and learning about wine, you can relax on the beach or use the villa as a base for experiencing everything Mallorca has to offer – from top-class restaurants to historical attractions to lively nightlife!

The WSET Level 3 course is regarded as one of the top wine courses in the world, and the entry point to real wine expertise. It is an advanced, in-depth wine course best suited to practiced-palates, industry experts or those interested in a career as a sommelier. It is also a natural next step after completing the WSET L2 course, if you want to take your knowledge of wine to a professional standard. This 8-day, high-intensity course will give you a level of insight into wine that is hard to find anywhere else. 

In WSET Level 3, you’ll learn how to train your palate to a professional level, and gain a great depth of understanding of over 80 of the world’s most important wines. 

Mallorca is home to one of the most acclaimed wine-making regions in Spain, Binissalem, and during the Level 3 course we take our students on a guided visit of one of the top vineyards in the area. Here, you’ll see first-hand how wine is made, from grape to glass, and taste some of the delicious wines made on site. 

What is covered on the WSET Level 3 course: 

  • How to taste wine like a professional, using the WSET Level 3 Systematic Approach to Tasting Wine® (SAT)
  • The main factors in the production of wine (region, grape growing, winemaking, maturation and bottling)  
  • Understanding of still wines, sparkling wines and fortified wines around the world 
  • How to make appropriate wine recommendations 
  • Tutored tastings of 82 different wines

You will also have access to WSET’s Online Classroom for the duration of the course including useful video links and other resources. 

Note: What is covered in the Level 2 course in Dublin will be the same as in the Level 2 section above.

How is WSET Level 3 assessed?

WSET Level 3 Unit 1 is assessed by a closed-book exam comprising 50 multiple-choice questions and a short written answer paper. Unit 2 is assessed by a blind tasting of two different wines.

On successful completion of the course you will receive a WSET certificate and lapel pin, and will be able to use the associated WSET certified logo.

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The benefits of having a WSET qualification

On completion of a WSET course, you will have an internationally recognised and respected qualification. The WSET curriculum is considered the best and most thorough in the world, so having it on your CV will make you stand out to employers. Depending on what level course you do and what your ambitions are, WSET can help you get your first job in hospitality or move up the career ladder. Various options are available to you, from working as a sommelier or bartender at a fine dining restaurant, bar or resort to buying wine for a hospitality company. Alternatively, you could use your knowledge to start your own wine-related business, such as a wine bar or wine shop.

WSET is also a very helpful course for food and wine writers, critics and travel journalists who want to deepen their knowledge of wines and gain a better understanding of food pairings. 

If you don’t work in the hospitality industry and are simply a wine enthusiast, WSET will allow you to really get to grips with your passion. You’ll experience wine in a way you never have before, and you’ll get much more enjoyment from a bottle when you fully appreciate the process from grape to glass. You’ll have all the skills to select the perfect wine to go with any meal, as well as the vocabulary to talk about it. It’s time to impress your friends and family! 

About Dublin 

Drink In’s Dublin Academy is based in the heart of the Irish capital, in the vibrant neighbourhood of Smithfield. Dublin is famous for its nightlife, and with nearly 1000 pubs and bars across the city, it’s an ideal place to learn about wine and drinks culture. From cosy pubs with live trad bands to chic speakeasies and innovative cocktail bars, it has everything you could want from a night out. Dublin is also packed with distilleries and breweries, from tiny craft beer operations to the big hitters like the Guinness Storehouse. Of course, Dublin’s not all about drinking – it’s also a city steeped in history and culture, with a multitude of important historical sites, museums and galleries. 

Best things to see and do in Dublin

  1. The Guinness Storehouse 

The Guinness Storehouse is the number one tourist attraction in Ireland, and was previously named the best tourist attraction in Europe! Explore seven floors of the building, which was once the fermentation plant of the brewery, and learn about the ingredients, history and culture that make up the Guinness story. For the final part of your tour, take in 360 views of the city and enjoy a pint of the black stuff at the Gravity Bar, one of the highest viewing points in Dublin. 

  1. Kilmainham Gaol

For over 100 years, Kilmainham Gaol held thousands of men, women and children, from ordinary criminals to some of the most famous names in Ireland’s struggle for independence. A guided tour of the gaol is a heartbreaking but fascinating dive into Irish history, and a must during your trip to Dublin. 

  1. Phoenix Park 

If you want to escape the hustle and bustle of the city, head to Phoenix Park. Sprawling over 1,700 acres, shaded by trees and inhabited by wild deer, it’s a great place for a walk or a picnic. 

The park is also where you’ll find Dublin Zoo, which is well worth a visit if you have time! 

  1. The nightlife 

Dublin may be synonymous with Temple Bar, but there are so many great bars to experience outside of its cobbled streets. Check out Bar 1661, a stylish cocktail bar centred around poitín, an Irish spirit which was banned from 1661 (hence the name) right up until 1997. Other favourites of ours include the award-winning Drury Buildings, and The Blind Pig, a speakeasy with excellent cocktails and live jazz music. 

  1. Trinity College 

Right in the centre of the city, the historic Trinity College is home to the Book of Kells, a manuscript created by monks that dates back to the year 800 and is one of the most famous artefacts in the world. You can visit the book as well as the Old Library upstairs, an enormous 18th century library that will take your breath away. 
To find out more about our Dublin Academy click here or to book your WSET course in Dublin click here. If you’d like to get in touch with us directly you can email us at [email protected].



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