Our Top 5 Best Bars in Dublin, Ireland

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There is an amazing host of good bars in Dublin, here are some we think are great

| By Cameron Mowat

Dublin is a city well known for its excellent pub and bar culture. It’s one of the main reasons that people visit the city in the first place. That and the tropical climate of course… 

Ireland as a country has also in many ways set the global standard for hospitality and pubs, which is why there are so many Irish pubs all over the world, as people try and replicate that feeling that they had when they visited the real thing. 

With cocktail culture on the rise in Dublin and in many other parts of Ireland, we are experiencing a fusion between that old school Irish hospitality and high quality cocktails. As cocktail nerds and hospitality people, the team here at Drink In couldn’t be happier about it.

We put together a list of some of our favourite spots that we think are some of the best pubs and bars in Dublin, Ireland.

Richard – Fallon’s 

Fallon’s is one of the more iconic of the old pubs of Dublin. It’s what many would describe in Ireland as an ‘aul man pub’ but this is less to do with the clientele and more to do with the authentic Irish pub vibe. From its traditional decor to its small, cosy seating plan and its distinct lack of music or TV that encourages conversation and having the craic, Fallon’s is the sort of pub that truly represents the Irish pub tradition. They also do the best toasties in Dublin, which is a huge claim to fame.

The reason Fallon’s is Richard’s favourite is because it reminds him of the first time he arrived in Ireland in 2008 and was introduced to the old school Irish boozer. It’s all about that typical Irish hospitality customer service, and has that vibe that only a properly run, authentic Irish pub can provide. Plus the Guinness is top notch. 

Fabio – 9 Below

9 Below is one of the handful of speakeasies in Dublin that have popped up over the last decade with the global resurgence of the speakeasy aesthetic. It’s located in the basement of the Stephen’s Green Hibernian Club, a place already coated in Dublin’s history. As you descend into the bar from the street you’re greeted by a sleek, intimate bar with some of the best cocktails in Dublin. 

The reason 9 Below is Fabio’s favourite comes down to the quality of the drinks and the great Irish hospitality. The team at 9 Below is renowned for their attention to detail, not only in their drinks menu but in their service and style. They don’t serve food but they have the same dedication to flavour that top restaurants in Dublin have, meaning every cocktail on the menu is extremely well crafted. It really gives off the same energy as the Dead Rabbit NYC, exclusive but approachable. 

James – Drury Buildings

Everyone in the team has a special space in their hearts for Drury Buildings. On most nights of the week you’ll probably find one of us nestled into the corner somewhere. This well known restaurant and cocktail bar is dead centre of Dublin’s ‘creative quarter’, which in recent years has become the centre point of some of the best bars in Dublin. The food is a delicious fusion of Spanish and Irish cuisine, while the cocktails are cleverly crafted expressions of the bar staff’s personalities and flavours. The decor is slick and warm, the music is always perfectly in step with the atmosphere and the garden is usually buzzing with people. 

The reason Drury Buildings is James’ favourite is because of the distinct character of the place. Walking in is like walking into a warm hug or a family reunion. Everyone is so friendly and welcoming, full of smiles and personality. The team works together seamlessly to create amazing customer experiences and maintain the quality of the food and drink at all times. It’s that unpretentious commitment to quality that keeps people coming back time and time again. 

Thomasz – Café En Seine

Café En Seine was one of the biggest and most exciting projects for the Dublin bar scene when it opened. It’s quite literally a gigantic space situated in the centre of Dublin, with 4 distinct bars, a restaurant and the pièce de résistance, their Parisian Street Garden: a slice of 1920’s Paris with a retractable glass roof to make it either a conservatory or open air bar, depending on the weather. The interior is a stunning feat of architecture across the space, which certainly captures the imagination, and their menus are curated by chefs and bartenders with world titles under their belts.

The reason Café en Seine is one of Thomasz’ favourites is because of how walking in makes him feel like he’s in the roaring 20’s (the era that he was meant to be born in apparently). There is a ‘Great Gatsby’ feel to the place which creates a very unique vibe. The managers also have a notoriously good hiring sense and tend to focus on helping their bartenders progress their skills and careers. He also helped open it post-renovation and design the menus so he holds it particularly dear.

Cameron – Peruke & Periwig

Peruke & Periwig is one of the more unique bars in Dublin, not only for its entirely understated entrance on Dawson Street in the centre of town, but for its wildly opulent aesthetic. Peruke is found in a restored old city house, with 3 floors of bars and restaurants. The food is a lovely contemporary Irish spread, and the cocktails are all high quality, inspired by different genres of music. 

The reason Peruke & Periwig is my favourite bar is twofold. The first is the lighting. I’m always a big fan of warm or dim light in bars, and Peruke is the perfect example. By combining red velvet decor with the soft and candle light, they achieve a wonderfully comfortable atmosphere. Then there’s the Sazerac. As my personal favourite cocktail it’s been a quest of mine to find the best one in Dublin, and Peruke is where I found it. A delicate mix of rye and cognac, with honey syrup, absinthe spray and the best part: oak wood chips smoked into the glass. If reading your book by the candlelight with a beautiful cocktail sounds like your kind of thing, Peruke and Periwig is a good bar in Dublin to do it. 

While these might be some of our favourites, the amount of good bars in Dublin is definitely above average and there are so many to choose from. The beauty of living and working in hospitality in this city is in large part because of the eclectic mix of different food and drinks experiences you can explore, in a city where the culture only gets better year after year. 

It’s for this reason and more that we chose Dublin to open our first bartending academy and run our bartender courses!



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