5 Mixology Recipes To Change How You Make Cocktails

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With these 5 mixology recipes from our Mixology course your cocktail game will never be the same

| By Cameron Mowat

Mixology is a word that comes with all sorts of complex connotations in the world of bartending. A very simple definition would be: the art of making in-house products. These products can range from simple things like syrups and cordials, to complex processes like micro-distillation and centrifuges. 

The most important things to keep in mind about mixology are that: it’s personal, it’s fresh and it’s flexible. That is to say that it allows unique expressions and combinations of flavour and relies on fresh ingredients to create quality flavours. Mixology allows you to create products that might not last as long as a ‘shelf’ product, but will definitely taste much better. 

Mixology is also the art that ties cooking and bartending together. By doing mixologist training and mastering mixology methods, a bartender can elevate their craft from simply following recipes or playing around with pre-made ingredients, to designing craft cocktails that stand out from the competition. 

Mixology is something we therefore focus on in many of our bartending courses. We run a two-week mixology course in our Mallorca Academy, Mixology & Craft Cocktails, and we have a range of mixology courses woven into our cocktail course and our Become A Bartender course. Plus we have a specialised mixologist course in the pipeline… 

We wanted to share some of the different products that we cover in our mixology courses to give you some inspiration to start elevating your cocktails and start making your own products that express your personality through flavour.

1. Hibiscus and Lemongrass Syrup

This syrup is one of our favourite products to have in the fridge. It is a beautiful balance of floral aromas, earthy notes and crisp acidity which makes it perfect for use as the sweetener in sours like the Tom Collins, or in non-alcoholic cocktail recipes where it gives the sort of complex depth of flavour that is necessary to keep NoLo drinks interesting. 

Hibiscus and Lemongrass Syrup Recipe:

2. Lime Cordial

A recipe for Lime Cordial is something that every bartender should have in their back pocket. Pre-bottled lime cordial can’t compare to the homemade version. The bright, sherbet-like balance of sour and sweet really shines out from whatever cocktail it’s used in. Lime cordial makes the perfect companion to rum and tequila drinks, as well as working nicely for a time-saving replacement to fresh limes in drinks like the Mojito and the Caipirinha.

Lime Cordial Recipe:

3. Beetroot Shrub

Beetroot is an ingredient that is like a ‘best kept secret’ for drinks. Beetroot juice has a wonderfully complex flavour profile, full of earthy, rich sweetness. By incorporating black pepper into this recipe we create a lovely harmony between earthen sweetness and earthen spice. The addition of vinegar turns this concoction into a ‘shrub’ which is essentially a vinegar syrup. The vinegar adds a different sort of acidity to the common citric acidity many bartenders rely on. This difference is not only profound in where the product can be used, but is also attention grabbing and exciting in cocktails that use it for the sour aspect.

Beetroot Shrub Recipe:

4. Bee Pollen Infused Honey Syrup

A word of warning with this product: once you’ve tried it it will be hard to go back to normal honey! Bee pollen is one of those flavours that really excites the palate, with a floral and earthy sweetness reminiscent of the honey it would eventually become if not harvested beforehand. By combining it with honey this product effectively amplifies both the flavour of the honey and the flavour of the bee pollen. Where there is any cocktail that includes honey or honey syrup, like the Bee’s Knees or some versions of the Sazerac for example, this product will massively improve it both in terms of depth of flavour and in mouthfeel.

Bee Pollen Infused Honey Syrup Recipe:

5. Stout Reduction

As the most complex product on this list, the Stout Reduction also has the most interesting and profound depth of flavour. The wonderful thing about this product is that stout is already so full of flavours like bitter chocolate and coffee, so by reducing it we bring these flavours to the forefront. With the addition of a range of warming spices, orange and chocolate, we create a product that bursts with exciting tasting notes and has a very robust character that allows it to stand up to even the most bold spirits and other cocktail ingredients. 

Stout Reduction Recipe:

Mixology is a process of constant discovery. We hope that you have found some inspiration from some of these recipes that we incorporate into our mixologist training and mixology courses. This is really just the tip of the iceberg. From advancing the products to advancing the techniques we use to make them and using them in twist and craft cocktails, the sky’s the limit when it comes to exploring the world of flavour!



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