Kickstart your career with GUEST accredited bartender and wine yacht courses in Mallorca

If you like the sound of the good life working as a bartender or sommelier on a yacht, a GUEST accredited course can help you get your dream job 

Do you love the idea of working as a bartender on a luxury yacht – travelling the world, meeting amazing people, soaking up the sun and making great money while you’re at it? For many people, it’s a dream career, but it can be a little bit more complicated than working in your average bar or restaurant. 

In the luxury yacht industry, expectations are high. Your job is to make the magic happen for the owners and guests on the yachts, and there’s not much room for error when they’re paying top dollar! 

If you’re hoping to work on a luxury yacht, or are already working on a yacht and hoping to improve your skills, we recommend a GUEST accredited yacht training course. 

Drink In Academy offers GUEST accredited bartending and wine yacht training courses (WSET)  at our purpose-built Academy in sunny Mallorca, Spain. 

Our courses will equip you with all the knowledge and confidence you need to succeed, so you can land that dream yachting job and take your service to the next level. 

What is GUEST accreditation?

GUEST is the only internationally accredited maritime hospitality training course for anyone who is interested in working as an interior crew member on a luxury yacht. GUEST accredited courses meet maritime regulations and are fully recognised in the hospitality industry on land as well as at sea. 

That means that with a GUEST accredited course, you can work on a yacht anywhere in the world. You’ll have a recognised qualification that will make your CV stand out from the crowd, as well as transferable skills that will make you an asset in any bartending or other hospitality role. 

Employers love GUEST accredited courses because they save them precious training time, providing them with efficient, professional staff that are ready to meet the needs of yacht owners and guests. 

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What types of GUEST accredited courses can I do?

At the Drink In Academy in Mallorca, Spain, we offer a yacht bartending training course, comprising three different modules. Module 3 of our course is GUEST accredited. 

Yacht Training: Cocktails, Mixology & Spirits Module 1

This one-day yacht bartender course, run from our fully kitted-out Academy in Mallorca, is designed to give you the knowledge and skills you need to start your journey to become a top-class bartender.  

It will teach you what you need to know to make great cocktails, as well as how to adapt your skills and techniques to a luxury yacht environment. We’ll show you the difference between a shaken and a stirred drink, the correct glassware to use, and how to create an array of classic cocktails, from Martinis to Margaritas. Plus you’ll get hands-on experience mixing drinks in our practice bar. 

The course will also cover factual knowledge of spirits, with a focus on Whiskey, Vodka, Gin, Rum and Tequila. You’ll learn all about the history and production of each spirit, as well as the different types available and their flavor profiles.

What you will learn: 

  • How to use cocktail making equipment and tools 
  • Proper cocktail making techniques 
  • The correct glassware to use 
  • Knowledge of spirits 
  • How to read and follow cocktail recipes 
  • How to prepare the bar areas and deliver service 
  • How to adapt techniques and skills to a yacht environment 

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Yacht Training: Advanced Cocktails, Mixology & Spirits Volume 2 

Our two-day yacht bartending training course, also based at our academy in Mallorca, is a more advanced course that will teach you how to confidently and skilfully make any cocktail in a yacht environment. 

The course includes the creation of sixteen different cocktails and variations, from classics like the Mai Tai and Pina Colada to modern twists on old favourites. We’ll also teach you how to conduct a tasting, and understand the concept of a balanced drink. 

Knowing how important efficiency and speed are in a luxury yacht setting, our instructors will show you the best techniques to help you work quickly and efficiently, without sacrificing quality or safety.

The course also covers theoretical knowledge of spirits including Vodka, Gin, Rum, Tequila, Whisky, and Cognac, with information on how that knowledge can be applied to your advantage in a yacht setting.

What you will learn: 

  • Mixology concepts and principles
  • How to properly select and use equipment and cocktail techniques 
  • How to create 16 different cocktails and variations
  • Factual knowledge of cocktail specifications
  • How to create cocktail menus 
  • Working flair tricks
  • Knowledge of spirits (history and production, flavour profiles, and how they pair with mixers and garnishes)

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Yacht Bartending Training Course Module 3 

This 5-day course at our Mallorca Academy will give you all the skills and knowledge you need to kick-start or boost your career in the yachting industry. The program is made up of two days of WSET level 2 and three days of GUEST accredited cocktail and spirit education.

The first two days of the program will focus on the Wine Education Trust (WSET) level 2 course. Yachts are often associated with luxury, and wine is an integral part of that experience. This internationally recognised qualification will give you a great understanding and knowledge of wines, from the basics of wine production, to different wine styles, grape varieties around the world and the principles of wine tasting. 

You will also learn about the proper storage and service of wine, including the correct temperatures, glassware, and decanting. Additionally, our experienced instructors will teach you about food and wine pairing, which is a critical skill for yacht crew members as guests expect expert advice on pairing wine with the onboard menu.

One of the key advantages of taking our yacht wine course is that you will learn about the unique challenges of serving wine on a yacht. Serving wine on a moving vessel presents challenges such as stability, storage, and serving temperature. Our yacht wine course will equip you with the knowledge and skills to navigate these challenges and provide a high level of service to guests.

The next three days of the course will focus on our GUEST accredited Cocktail and Spirit Education. The lessons are specifically designed to equip you to work in the yachting industry, covering everything from basic cocktail preparation to advanced mixology techniques.

On completion of our yacht wine and bartending course, you will have two internationally recognised and respected qualifications: WSET Level 2 in Wines Certificate and a GUEST Program Certificate. 

What you will learn: 

  • The main grape varieties
  • How different factors affect style and quality of wine 
  • The most important wine regions 
  • Styles of wine 
  • How to read a wine label 
  • How to taste wine like a professional
  • Wine and food pairing 
  • How to properly serve and store wine 
  • Vineyard visits and exploring Mallorca
  • How to correctly select and use equipment and cocktail techniques 
  • Create 16 cocktails and variations 
  • Mixology concepts and principles
  • Factual knowledge of cocktail specifications
  • Understanding the concept of a balanced drink
  • How to conduct a tasting
  • How to create cocktail menus and get creative with ingredients
  • Understanding spirits 

What are the career benefits of a GUEST accredited wine and bartender course? 

Our GUEST accredited bartending course in Mallorca, Spain is an ideal way to get your first job as a bartender in the yachting industry, or to help you get promoted if you already work on a yacht and want to move up the career ladder. 

Thanks to our course, you’ll be ready to provide an impeccable standard of service on a luxury superyacht, but you’ll also have all the skills you need to work anywhere from your local cocktail bar to a five-star holiday resort or fine dining restaurant. 

After completing our yacht wine course, you will have an in-depth understanding of wine and the ability to provide excellent wine service. You will have a range of career options available to you. You could work as a sommelier on a yacht or in a fine dining restaurant, or as a wine buyer for a yacht or hospitality company. Alternatively, you could use your knowledge to start your own wine-related business, such as a wine bar or wine shop. 

Whether you are looking to enhance your skills as a yacht crew member or simply to broaden your wine knowledge, a yacht wine course is an excellent investment. 

Yacht Training: Cocktails, Mixology & Spirits Module 1

About Mallorca 

Mallorca is one of Spain’s Balearic Islands in the Mediterranean, known for its stunning beaches, lively nightlife, dramatic mountain hikes and many vineyards. Its fantastic weather (warm summers and mild winters) attracts visitors from all over the world, with about 300 days of sunshine every year. 

Drink In’s purpose-built Mallorca Academy is located right in the heart of Palma, the capital city. It’s right next to the main plaza, with the major shopping district and markets heaving with bargains just a short walk away! It’s an ideal base for exploring everything the city has to offer, so make the most of your yacht bartender course and check out some of the best things to do in Mallorca below… 

Best things to do in Mallorca

Hit the beach 

Mallorca boasts over 300 beaches and coves, so there’s no shortage of places to go to soak up some sun! If you’re finding it hard to pick one, Es Trenc is universally considered the most beautiful beach on the island. More than 2km long with white sand and crystal-clear waters, it’s a wonderful spot to spend the day. 

Visit a vineyard

Mallorca is home to more than 70 different wineries, which makes it a great place to take a wine course! As part of our Yacht Bartending Training Course Module 3, we bring you to a local vineyard for a look behind the scenes at the grape production process, but if you’re passionate about wine don’t let your exploration end there! 

We recommend you head to the charming town of Binissalem, the epicentre of one of Mallorca’s main wine-producing areas, where you can taste wines at local bodegas. Binissalem is recognised by the Spanish government as a Denominación de Origen wine area, along with other famous regions like Rioja, so you have the Spanish guarantee that the wine is incredible. Some of the best bodegas to visit include Bodegas José L. Ferrer, ANA Vins, and Bodegas Oliver. 

Experience the nightlife 

Palma, where we have our Academy, is famous for its vibrant nightlife. You’ll find excellent restaurants, bars, and nightclubs here, with the city staying awake long into the early hours of the morning. Some of our favourite bars include: Chapeau 1987, Clandestino, Ginbo and Door 13, each of which you could spend the night trying cocktails and never tasting the same thing twice.

See the famous Catedral de Mallorca

The Catedral de Mallorca (also known as La Seu) dates back to between the 13th and 14th century and is visible from almost anywhere in Palma. It’s one of the highest Gothic structures in Europe and a must-see on your trip to the island. 

Take a boat tour 

Escape the mainland and enjoy a day of sun, surf and sea breezes on a boat tour around Mallorca. There are lots of different options, whether you want a catamaran or a yacht – we recommend a yacht, so you can get a glimpse behind the scenes while doing your yacht bartending course! Relax on the deck, party with friends, and go for swims in hidden coves. You won’t regret it. 

No matter which module of our courses you decide to do, rest assured you’ll be well prepared to kick off your career as a yacht bartender. 
To find out more about our Mallorca Academy click here or book your course click here. Or if you’d like to get in touch with us directly you can email us at [email protected].



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