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Not many can say their Sidecars have 10 generations of cognac culture in every sip…

Introducing the 10 Générations Sidecar by @ferrandcognac!
This cognac classic is filled to the brim with the history of the Ferrand family’s cognac-making tradition. 10 Générations is the Ferrand expression that celebrates the passing of the torch of quality cognac through 10 generations of sons in the Grande Champagne region of Cognac, France, all named Elie Ferrand.

The liquid itself is reminiscent of Elie Ferrand VIII’s style, the most prolific of the Ferrand’s due to his incredible skill and palate for the art of distilling cognac. It is aged in a mix of Sauternes wine and French Oak barrels, giving it a deliciously robust spice, baked white fruit and floral profile on top of the already rich Eau de Vie flavours.

We had to show this delightfully complex cognac off in one of the all time classic cognac cocktails: the Sidecar, and who better to mix it up for us than @thebartender in @9.below !

Here’s the recipe:

40ml Ferrand Cognac 10 Générations
20ml Ferrand Dry Curaçao
25ml Lemon Juice
Garnish with a full sugar rim


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Wine experts are often referred to as ‘Sommeliers’. These individuals have dived into the depths of the absurdly complex world of wine and trained for years to gain real understanding of the liquid, from how it’s made to the regions it’s made in and beyond.

The term actually originates from the French phrase ‘bête de somme’ or ‘beasts of burden’. This refers to the official that would oversee the transportation of the French royalty’s baggage in the 14th Century. The other job the ‘sommelier’ had was to choose the wines that would be served during banquets and dinners. It would also be their responsibility to taste the wine for the King to check for poison.

It’s quite poetic that the term has survived for over 700 years and is now used to describe wine waiters and wine experts. Just like back in the middle ages, Sommeliers nowadays are required to have years and years of study, training and experience to gain the title.

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You could always trust Iulian to make you something amazing in Drury’s (he made my first Mezcal Negroni for me back in 2018) and since he’s moved to SOLE he has access to even more fine wines and spirits, so expectations are high.

When he unlocks the big glass door embossed with brass I’m welcomed into a wide open space centred around a large, circular, wood-panelled bar with glass cabinets embedded, prominently displaying their seafood selections resting on beds of ice. The palate of the space is cream, browns and splashes of burnt orange, with exposed brick walls and arched support beams coated in mottled, worn paint. It’s an interesting aesthetic, one that is reminiscent of industrial Dublin. It makes a nice counterpoint to the elegant place settings and glassware and furniture.

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