The Home Bartender Kit

You can’t master mixology without the tools of the trade!

We have curated a premium cocktail companion package in conjunction with the Cocktail Kitchen book, filled with everything you will need to kick start your home bar and get creative! The book will give you the inspiration & the equipment will give you the tools to bring the drinks to life!



Visual learner? Learn best from seeing it done? We’ve got you covered with a suite of top quality how-to videos connected to each product and cocktail in the book!

Just scan the QR code on the book to be brought to a private playlist with instructional videos by the author!

If you’re looking to discover whole new dimensions to flavour, create crowd pleasing craft cocktails or simply show off your skills, the Home Bartender Kit is all you need to get started on your journey to cocktail connoisseur!

The box contains:

  •  Vintage 3-piece shaker
  • 50-25ml Japanese Jigger
  • Ingredients for your first home-made product
  • The Cocktail Kitchen Book & linked HD videos

Cost €59 + Delivery

The Home Bartender Kit
The Home Bartender Kit

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