Become a bartender – how a bartending course in Mallorca, Spain could help you land your dream job 

Become a bartender – how a bartending course in Mallorca, Spain could help you land your dream job 

Bartenders have never been in higher demandhere’s why it could be the perfect career for you!

Why become a bartender?

Bartending is a great job for so many reasons. Bartenders enjoy a flexible work schedule, with a good salary – plus tips!

It’s also a super social profession. Working in a fast-paced, high-intensity environment means you and your team will bond quickly, often becoming friends for life. When you’re behind the bar, you get to speak to different types of customers from all over the world, hearing their fascinating stories and gaining a deeper understanding of human nature. The longer you work as a bartender, the better a communicator you’ll become. 

Working behind a bar is like being on a stage – you’re the centre of attention as you shake, mix and pour! This might seem intimidating at first, but engaging your audience will ultimately make you a much more confident and charismatic person. If you weren’t the life of the party before you started your job, you definitely will be after a few months of being a bartender. 

Bartending is also a job that allows you to travel almost anywhere. No matter what country you’re in, people will always want to drink, especially in gorgeous holiday destinations and exciting cities. You could work in a beach bar in Bali one year and in a cocktail bar in New York the next, before heading off to bartend on a cruise ship around the Greek Islands. Completing your bartender course in Mallorca, Spain could be the first on a long list of adventures around the world. 

Bartending is one of the few jobs where you can get straight into the action after a few days or a week of training, and if you take your role seriously you can move up the career ladder pretty quickly. Working in a bar teaches you so many transferable skills, from staying calm under pressure to teamwork, that will be an asset in any industry. The opportunities for roles in the drinks industry outside of bartending are also endless, from becoming a drinks content creator to a sommelier to an ambassador for a drinks brand, representing them all over the world. Many bartenders also go on to open their own successful bars. 

The flexibility of bartending means you often have plenty of time to explore other passions, build your skills and learn – you can write your novel or go to college by day and bartend at night! 

Become a bartender – how a bartending course in Mallorca, Spain could help you land your dream job 

What is the situation for bartenders like now? 

Bars, restaurants and hotels around the world are crying out for decent bartenders. A lot of people lost their jobs in hospitality during the pandemic, and many of them changed careers. As a result, there is still a serious staff shortage in the hospitality industry. 

However, despite there being a lot of jobs in hospitality, there can still be some competition for roles in the best bars. Completing one of our bartender courses in Mallorca, Spain will help your CV stand out to employers and land you your dream job, whether it’s on a luxury superyacht or the most famous cocktail bar in the city. 

What are the latest bartending and cocktail trends around the world? 

Bartending, cocktail making and mixology are always evolving. In the past, bartending was seen as almost a “dead end” job, or a job that anyone could do. More and more, bartenders and mixologists are seen as masters of their craft, and their salaries and working conditions are reflecting this. Work/life balance is also becoming more important, as hospitality management and staff have come to recognise the dangers of burnout. 

Sustainability is also becoming more important in the bartending industry, with many bars thinking more about the environment and making conscious efforts to reduce waste. 

When it comes to cocktails, the classics are making a big comeback, but there’s also plenty of room for experimentation. Many new trends are building in popularity, from clarification to minimalism to molecular mixology. Whether it’s through a blast of flavoured smoke, a surprising textural element or a complementary food pairing, mixologists are going above and beyond to create unique experiences for their customers. 

Here at Drink In, we make sure to keep our fingers on the pulse of modern bartending and stay up to date on the ever shifting bartending climate. Our courses are constantly updated to reflect these changes and fresh trends in the industry, so you won’t be left behind! If it’s been a few years since you’ve been behind a bar, signing up for one of our bartender courses in Mallorca, Spain is a great way to refresh your memory while getting yourself up to speed with what’s new in the drinks industry. 

Drink In’s bartender courses in Mallorca, Spain 

Introduction to Cocktails Level 1

This 2-day cocktail course in Mallorca, Spain is the perfect introduction to cocktail making. It’s a great way to kickstart your career as a bartender, or learn how to make cocktails at home to impress your friends and family. Our experts will teach you the building blocks of mixology and the tools and techniques to make great drinks, and you’ll get hands-on experience mixing drinks behind our practice bar. 

While you complete our cocktail course in Mallorca, Spain you’ll also have the opportunity to stay in our gorgeous seaside villa in Palma, where you can relax in style after your day of shaking and stirring! 

What you’ll learn 

  • Intro to equipment, glassware and garnishing
  • The history of cocktails 
  • The history, production and classification of spirits
  • Bartending movements and techniques
  • The principles of mixology 
  • How to make classic cocktails 
  • How to create craft cocktails
  • Working flair tricks
  • 20+ classic cocktail tasting

Click here for more information or to start your cocktail journey with our Introduction to Cocktails course in Mallorca, Spain. 

Introduction to Mixology Level 2

During Drink In’s 2-day Level 2 Introduction to Mixology course in Mallorca, Spain, you’ll dive into the world of mixology, the culinary art that separates an everyday cocktail from the craft cocktail. Our experts will guide you through how to properly cook and create mixology recipes like syrups, shrubs, foams and more. You’ll find the flavours that inspire you and help you express your creativity and passion, and use your new knowledge to create all sorts of delicious drinks, from elevated twists on the classics to craft cocktails. 

This course also gives you the opportunity to stay in our beachside villa, so you can chill out in style and use it as a base to explore everything Mallorca has to offer. See below for more information about our villa and Mallorca. 

What you’ll learn 

  • The principles of mixology 
  • How to find your flavours and express yourself through them 
  • Train and understand your palate 
  • How to make mixology products (syrups, cordials etc)
  • Cutting-edge mixology techniques (clarification, infusion etc)
  • Understand your palate 
  • How to elevate your drinks 
  • How to design your own cocktails 

Click here for more information or to book your spot on our Introduction to Mixology course in Mallorca, Spain. 

Mixology and Craft Cocktails 

Mixology and Craft Cocktails 

Drink In’s five-day Mixology and Craft Cocktails course in Mallorca, Spain is an advanced course designed for people working in the hospitality industry, as well as cocktail enthusiasts. The course combines our unique spirits programme with the Drink In approach to cutting edge mixology to bring you on the ultimate cocktail journey. 

On completion of our mixology course in Mallorca, you will be able to understand your palate and create an impressive portfolio of show-stopping drinks. You’ll be able to use mixology techniques like micro distilling, infusions, maceration and sous-vide, and gain the skills to create your own cocktail menus and even enter cocktail competitions. 

Accommodation is also available at our gorgeous villa in the capital of Mallorca, Palma – with the weekend included, so you’ll have some extra time to discover the island’s many attractions! Read on for more information about our villa. 

What you’ll learn: 

– Advanced mixology
– The history and characteristics of quality spirits 
– Designing and crafting cocktails
– Advanced preparation techniques: micro distilling, sous vide, flash infusion
– Menu design
– Palate training
– Understanding balance
– How to make syrups, oleos, shrubs, tincture, foams, liqueurs, infusions etc

Click here for more information or book your place on our Mixology and Craft Cocktails course in Mallorca, Spain. 

Become A Bartender

Drink In’s Become a Bartender course in Mallorca, Spain will give you all the skills you need to become an outstanding bartender in just two weeks! From tools to tills, pouring beer to changing kegs, cocktails to spirits, our up-to-date curriculum will have you hitting the ground running when you start your first job behind a bar. 

Our bartending experts will share knowledge and insight that can take months or years to learn through working in the hospitality industry. You’ll also gain hands-on experience behind the bar in our purpose-built school, that will help you nail that daunting first trial shift. You’ll also leave the course armed with references and recommendations from us, so you’ll have everything you need to get a great job. 

While you’re completing your bartender course in Mallorca, Spain you’ll have the option to stay at our seaside villa in Palma for a full two weeks. You’ll have your evenings and two weekends to explore the island’s many beaches and historical tourist attractions and soak up the stellar food and drink culture. See below for more information about Mallorca and the villa!

What you’ll learn: 

  • The bartender’s role and responsibilities
  • Tools and equipment
  • Glassware and glass handling
  • Tills and cash/card handling
  • Tray handling skills
  • Principles of customer service
  • Responsible service of alcohol
  • Shift preparation
  • Stock handling
  • Introduction to beer
  • Draught beer and cellar management
  • Introduction to wine
  • Barista training
  • Classic cocktails
  • The art of craft cocktails
  • Spirit training
  • Mixology
  • Tastings

Click here for more information or to book your place on our Become a Bartender course in Mallorca, Spain. 

About Mallorca, Spain 

Mallorca is the largest of Spain’s Balearic Islands, and a very popular holiday destination thanks to its fantastic weather and over 300 pristine beaches and coves. It’s a wonderful place for rest and relaxation, but the island isn’t just about sun, sea and sand – it’s packed with things to do, from historical sites of interest to museums and galleries. 

Choosing to do your bartender course in Mallorca, Spain is a great idea for many reasons. The island has a thriving food and drink scene, boasting Michelin star restaurants and over 200 bars scattered around the island. Wine lovers will also be in heaven during a visit to the picturesque town of Binissalem and its many vineyards. 

Drink In’s purpose-built Academy is right in the heart of Palma, so you’ll be just minutes away from excellent food and drink options, bustling markets and more. 

Drink In’s beachside villa accommodation in Palma, Mallorca

As Mallorca is such a popular tourist destination, accommodation can get pretty pricey. We’ve solved that issue for our students by offering you a place in our stunning beachside villa. Located away from the hustle and bustle of the city centre but close enough for an easy commute, and just a short walk from the beach, the villa is the perfect base for exploring Mallorca’s many attractions. There’s a pool where you can cool off after a day of learning at our Academy, and several sunny terraces where you can chill out or study in peace. The kitchen is also fully kitted out, so you can cook up a storm when you’re not treating yourself to a meal in one of the area’s top class restaurants. 

To find out more about our Mallorca Academy or book your bartender course in Mallorca, Spain click here. If you’d like to get in touch with us directly you can email us at [email protected]



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