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The Evolution of the Cocktail - A Taste Through Time


Join us on a journey through the incredible history of cocktail culture: sip by sip!

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In this innovative new course, designed for all ranges of cocktail experience, we’ll share the tastes of time from each of the major ‘eras’ of the cocktail; from the humble beginnings on ships, all the way through to the modern and cutting edge Mixology of today. 400 years will fly by!

This course will tantalise your taste-buds, massage your mind and expand your understanding of the wonderful world of Cocktails: Old and New.

Time: Selected Saturdays from 2pm – 6pm

Cost: €99

Ages / Eras

1. The birth of Punch
2. Early Days
3. The Golden Age
4. Prohibition: Troubled Times
5. The Tiki Takeover
6. The Age of Decadence
7. The Renaissance

We’ll be making the classic cocktails from each era and educating you on the exciting histories, innovation and experiments that gave the world its Cocktail Culture. 2

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