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A fun and educational course for those who want to take their cocktail game to the next level

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During this course, we will guide you through what makes a great cocktail and how to bring that knowledge into your home-bar. From classics cocktails to homemade ingredients we will inspire you to get creative and impress your friends and family with amazing drinks!

Duration: 2.5h

The course runs on selected Friday & Saturdays from 7pm (GMT) – 9:30pm. Make sure you know what time the course goes live in your location.

This course will be run through zoom and we will send you the invite the day before the course.

  • Introduction to Cocktail History
  • Home Made Products
  • Understanding Balance
  • Garnish Workshop
  • Cocktail Workshop (5 Cocktails)
  • Dublin Bar Academy Cocktail Manual
  • Certificate


Cocktail Shaker (Any kind will do, or even a jar with a lid)
Bar Spoon (Tea spoon will do if you can’t source)
Hawthorne Strainer
Jigger / Measure
Fine Mash Sieve
Chopping Board & Knife
2 Sauce Pans
Scales are helpful but not necessary
Juice Squeezer helpful but not necessary
Measuring Jug
You will need 6 small vessels to put your homemade ingredients in (This could be a small bottle, ramekin, bowl or glass or even a coffee cup will do!)
Access to stove -We highly recommend that you locate yourself in your kitchen with access to sink, stove and easy to clean surfaces!



Whiskey Glass x 1
Martini / Coupe Glass x 3
Tall Glass x 1

Ice : We recommend that you have at least 2kg available


1kg White Sugar
125gr Raspberries (1 Punnet)
6 Lemons
6 Limes
3 Oranges
1 Cup Strong Coffee ideally Espresso
2 Cinnamon Sticks
1 Stem Ginger
2 Eggs (Or pasteurised egg white)
1 litre Soda Water

Minimum 100ml (3 ½ oz) of the alcohol below:

Light Rum
Kahlua (or other Coffee Liquor)

1 Bottle Angostura Bitters

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