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1 Day Introduction to Bartending


This course covers the basic essentials of bartending and is designed for newcomers

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Are you considering to work in the hospitality industry? Not sure if Mixology or Barista is your call? Then this might be the perfect course for you.

We kick off the session with a ‘Bartenders Role” presentation in the class-room where we discuss the important topics around Bartending such as behaviour, skills and serving alcohol responsibly.

We will then go behind the bar and look at some perfect serves and how to pull the perfect pint. We will also look at the different techniques used to make cocktails such as built, shaken & stirred drinks. You will learn how to make classic cocktails such as Moscow Mules, Daiquiri’s and Old Fashioned’s.

We will also teach you the basic foundations for making the perfect cup of coffee and how to set the grinder as well as milk texture techniques.

We will wrap up the day with a cocktail tasting where you will get to educate your palate with some classic & modern cocktails.

The course runs from 12 – 7pm







  • Serving Alcohol Responsibly
  • Behaviour & Responsibilities of the Bartender
  • Basic Mixology Skills
  • Basic Wine Skills
  • Basic Barista Skills
  • Basic Waiter Skills
  • Draught Beer – Pull the Perfect Pint
  • Cocktail Tasting

head Instructor

Roberto is one of the most respected bartenders in the Irish bartending community. He has over 17 years experience working in some of the worlds best bars. Before joining our team he worked as brand ambassador for Zignum Mescal.

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Dublin Bar Academy is fully accredited with the European Bartender School

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