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Bar staff training

Are your bar staff working to 100% of their potential?
Are all drinks served the same way by all staff?
Do your staff feel appreciated?

Invest in your staff and
  • Your business will become more efficient
  • Your staff will sell more
  • Your staff will be motivated & stay longer
  • High standards will become the norm in your bar meaning excellent customer service, high quality products and expertise will consistently impress your guests
Complete this short form or call and talk to us for a no obligation quote +353 (0)1 555 6821. Your bar will benefit significantly
Do you want your bars revenue & margin to increase?

Get defined processes in place around how all drinks are to be poured/served, that will leave your guests in awe.
Educate your staff to confidently and accurately sell your products to your guests and to upsell alternative options when a guest requests a certain type of drink
Be sure your staff are aware of the effect on business of overpouring or giving away free drinks?
Ensure your staff follow basic processes so drinks don’t go unrecorded or unpaid for and that they understand the consequences of your bar making a loss.

Set the pace & hold strong to your standards and your business will reap the benefits over and over again.

“We wouldn’t have another house party without hiring an event bar & cocktails staff. Our guests were blown away by the cocktail bar staff and really cool bar we hired, as well as the cocktail glassware”

House Party Cocktail Bar & Bar Staff
Yvonne, South Dublin.
“For our last house party we hired beer keys and pre batched cocktails which worked out really reasonable but were very impressive for our guests. It saved us a lot of work. People were able to serve themselves and be creative about how they served their own cocktails. It was well worth it. The kegs and cocktails were delivered and picked up afterwards so it was hassle free”

Hiring Beer Keys & Pre Batched Cocktails for House Party
Greg, Malahide, Co. Dublin.